John Blacksmith: Seattle Area Realtor

With 4 billion sites on the Web, and seemingly half of them devoted to Real Estate, I can think of only a few reasons why you've found mine:

  • One of my enthusiastic clients has recommended that you work with me, and you'd like more information about me. I invite you to read through some client testimonials or check me out on Yelp! to learn more about my quality and style of service.
  • You've seen my name on a sign or advertisement for one of my listings, and want more information about it.

Regardless of how you arrived, I appreciate your interest!

If you are a potential BUYER: I invite you to contact me for a no-obligation home buyers class. I will give you an overview of the home buying process, issues to be aware of as a Buyer, and how the Purchase and Sale Agreement works.

If you are considering SELLING: Contact me to discuss the present market value of your home, prior-to-selling improvements to consider for maximum return on investment, and how the sales process works.

What I'd like you to know about me:

  • I am consistently one of Seattle's top-producing real estate agents.
  • I don't spend my time or effort advertising for new clients. Instead, I focus on giving my clients the service they deserve. Most of my new business then comes from my enthusiastic clients recommending me to their friends, neighbors, and colleagues. My clients are the sole reason for my success!
  • I view every client as a person, not as a commission. My clients have honored me with their trust, and I work hard every day to prove myself worthy of that honor. My business ethic is defined by complete dedication to my clients and their needs. I am single-minded in my focus on:
  • Helping my Buyers find the right home at the best price possible. I don't Sell my buyers a home; I help them to Buy one (there's a big difference!)
  • Helping my Sellers market their home successfully for a sale at the highest price possible. We market homes so as to find that Buyer who most appreciates the unique features of the home, and who is therefore willing to pay a higher price than someone who has less appreciation for the home.
  • Helping all my clients to have an experience along the way that is as pleasant as possible, by removing as much stress and hassle as I can.

My strategy to accomplish these goals is as follows:

  • To educate my clients so that they are empowered to make decisions with which they are comfortable. I do my best to explain the risks and benefits, positives and negatives of each situation or choice we encounter.
  • To provide personalized service, driven by my client's needs and preferences, not my own.
  • To make every effort to anticipate likely and possible problems BEFORE they occur and to take appropriate action to prevent them from occurring.
  • To recognize that bumps in the road may occur in any transaction, and to work cheerfully, energetically, and diligently to solve them
  • To not speak beyond the boundaries of my knowledge, and to not dismiss any concern or potential problem. If a question or situation arises that I am unfamiliar with, I don't hesitate to ask for assistance from the community of professionals that I work within. Whatever the issue, I can get answers and help from the appropriate experts!
  • To communicate early, often, and honestly with my clients.
  • To continue serving my clients, after the sale, with the details of home ownership and maintenance.

I am a Seattle-area native. I grew up in the Kent area and moved to Seattle in 1983, and have lived here ever since. My mom was a Realtor during most of my childhood, so I'm carrying on the Family Business! I do business in the Greater Seattle and Eastside areas. I am quite familiar with a range of cities and neighborhoods, and I am comfortable working in them.

This is my 17th year in the business, and my production places me in the top 5% of agents in the Northwest Multiple. I do enough business to have the knowledge, experience, and judgement my clients value, coupled with personal and responsive service.

Whether you are a Buyer or Seller, or both - whether this is your first real estate transaction or one among many, I'm ready to help. Please don't hesitate to call or email me with any questions, or to arrange a time to meet and talk real estate. I'm happy to be of assistance to you--with no hard-sell or obligation whatsoever.
I look forward to talking with you!

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